Fight With Janika White
We can’t win this fight without YOU.
The fight to shift Shelby County will take all of us. So, let's fight together. It's time. 
Janika White 
Will you join us for volunteer training? 

It’s time to FIGHT WITH JANIKA WHITE!!! We are 86 days from ELECTION DAY, MAY 3rd, 2022; and we are gearing up to turn out voters from across Shelby County in support of Janika White for District Attorney. 


We're hosting a virtual volunteer training on Tuesday, February 8th & February 15th at 6:00 pm. During this short session, we will discuss how you can help bring fairness and transparency to the Shelby County DA's office. 


We can’t win this fight without YOU. Meeting voters at their doors and calling our contacts directly are the best ways to win this race. 

To join the fight and volunteer, you can sign up here: