Focus on Serious Crimes

Target the crimes that impact our community the most

Those who commit violent crimes against any of us must be held accountable for their actions. Janika will push for a more proactive, intelligence-based police-prosecutor relationship that will shift prosecutorial resources to focus on the most serious crimes against people, including rape, aggravated robbery, and homicide. These are the most heinous crimes and we will vigorously prosecute these cases and exact the kind of justice the victims deserve.

Treat victims with respect and sensitivity

The District Attorney’s office should prioritize the needs of victims. Janika will expand support of victim/witness service programs and use a trauma-informed, evidence-based approach to improve handling of cases. Particularly, Janika will place emphasis on cases of sexual and intimate partner violence.  Janika will work to improve communication with victims and family members.

Prevent violent crime

Convictions are one thing, but prevention and stopping the unnecessary bloodshed is what Shelby County needs. The driving causes of violent crime are multi-layered. Janika will work with law enforcement agencies and criminal justice partners to initiate a coordinated effort of timely data and information sharing, problem identification, analysis, strategic planning, implementation and ongoing evaluation and assessment for a focused collaborative effort on violent crime.

Janika will develop stronger lines of communication with other important community institutions, such as the healthcare system, schools, businesses, social service agencies, faith-based organizations, and non-profit organizations to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to the crime that plagues our community.

Protect the environment

Janika will work hard with the Shelby County Environmental Court to fight the blight in Shelby County. Blight is a known leading cause and indicator of criminal activity in our community. Janika will protect our environment and our children's health by prosecuting illegal dumpers, neglectful property owners, and create a healthier, safer Shelby County. 

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