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Janika is answering another call to serve by running for District Attorney of Shelby County to enact transformational change, create safer communities, and bring equity and justice for all in the courtroom.

Janika White as the next  District Attorney

For almost a decade, Janika has been practicing alongside the legendary Walter Bailey and is currently a partner at Bailey, Bailey, & White PLLC. She is a skilled and successful litigator with experience in complex and high-profile criminal defense and civil litigation.


During Janika’s time as an attorney, she has prided herself in passionately advocating for her clients, ensuring they know the full extent of their constitutional rights, and granting each and every person the detailed attention and representation they deserve. Her close-knit family of community leaders, activists, and the church instilled in her strong values of service and leadership at an early age.


As District Attorney, Janika will change the culture, from a culture seeking victory for prosecutors to a culture seeking to restore safe communities to Shelby County.

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